Transition Week 2

Well, another easy week back on the bike.  Again, all I did this week was my daily commute at an easy pace. I still didn’t have much desire to do longer rides or ride at intensity, but I’m comfortable feeling that way.

I fleshed out my training plan a little more, and I’ve got a few really easy months coming up. I might start running again, just to change things up a little. And I’m going to focus on strength training a little more, which will help on the bike and for climbing.  I think that it’s really important at this stage to not over train and to keep things interesting.  I have a few BIG weeks and months towards the end of my 20-week base, so now is the time to vary my training and try a few new activities.  I know if I just dropped back into the routine I had leading up to the 24 hour I would burn out.

I had a special delivery during the week as well!

kona 2
N+1 is alive and well!

It’s a 2013 Kona Jake the Snake with lots of upgrades, including 11-speed Ultegra, Rotor cranks and Bontrager RXL tubeless ready wheels. I bought it 2nd hand for a steal!  I was thinking of going down the route of a Chinese carbon frame, but then this bike popped up and I couldn’t resist! In the spirit of mixing things up, I might try racing some cyclocross!  And it will be ideal for longer rides on dirt roads, just for a change over the road bike or the MTB.

My experiment with my diet is going well, although things were difficult to manage over the weekend.  As I’m not training on Saturday or Sunday at the moment, I’m finding I need to manage my intake on those days a little more closely. And being out of the house both days (kids sports and activities Saturday, watching a cyclocross race Sunday) meant that I didn’t always have the required food on hand.  I think I might need to prepare my daily intake each morning and carry it round, like a body builder!

Another easy week next week with no increase in volume or intensity. I’m really easing myself back into training!


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